St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

How the Royal Arch Degrees fit together with the Craft Degrees.

In Craft Masonry (Blue Lodge) we learned of the loss of the WORD and the hope for its recovery.

In the Royal Arch Chapter we learn of its recovery.

The Cryptic Council completes this story as we learn of the WORD's initial preservation.

I will confess that the crude summary above does little justice to the above mentioned degrees, but moral teachings aside, that is the basic story.

I remember reading somewhere online about how the Royal Arch Degree was originally considered to be the second half or completion of the Master Mason (3rd.) Degree, and I will admit to be somewhat surprised, but when you look at the story from the above perspective you can easily see why.

Of course this does beg the following question... if the Royal Arch have the WORD, and all those Master Masons are still searching for it, why doesn't someone give it back..?