St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

What to call 'em
and what little letters to put after their names.

by P.G.S. M.E.Comp. David Starritt

Within a Daughter Chapter:

Note first that the Principals have principles.
I often see "Principal" spelt wrongly.

All Principals, and all Past Principals are styled "Most Excellent Companion"
best shortened to M.E.Comp.
(as M.E.C. can be confused with something else).

The Scribes, Treasurers and Sojourners, if not entitled to be styled M.E.Comp.
are Excellent Companions (E.Comp.) during their term in office,
but not after they leave office.

All other Companions are just "Companion" (Comp.)

Within a Provincial Grand Chapter:

Note the title of this Chapter, and nearly everything in it is "Provincial Grand...",
the exceptions being the Grand Superintendent and his Depute(s).

The head of the Province is the Grand Superintendent, (G.S. or G.Supt.)
not the Provincial Grand Superintendent
nor the District Grand Superintendent.
So when addressing him, call him “Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

He is the First Principal of the Provincial Grand Chapter
but this is also a rank in Supreme Grand Chapter
higher than Grand Scribe Ezra, and below Third Grand Principal.

The Depute Grand Superintendent (D.G.S. or D.G.Supt.) is not an office-bearer in Supreme Grand Chapter.

The next offices are:
Second Provincial Grand Principal(Prov.G.H.)
Third Provincial Grand Principal(Prov.G.J.)
These office-bearers are styled “Most Excellent”.

Note that “Prov.” is preferred to “P.” as this also means “Past”.

All other Provincial Grand Office-Bearers...
Provincial Grand Scribe E.(Prov.G.S.E.)
Provincial Grand Scribe N.(Prov.G.S.N.)
Provincial Grand Treasurer(Prov.G.Tr.)
Provincial Grand Recorder(Prov.G.Rec.)
Provincial Grand ChancellorProv.G.Chanc.)
First Provincial Grand Sojourner(1stProv.G.Soj.)
Second Provincial Grand Sojourner(2ndProv.G.Soj.)
Third Provincial Grand Third Sojourner(3rdProv.G.Soj.)
Provincial Grand Sword Bearer(Prov.G.Swd.B.)
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies(Prov.G.D.C.)
Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works(Prov.G.Supt.Wks.)
Provincial Grand Standard Bearer(Prov.G.Std.B.)
Provincial Grand Organist(Prov.G.Org.)
Provincial Grand Stewards(Prov.G.Std.)
Provincial Grand Janitor(Prov.G.Jan.)
...and are styled “Excellent”.

“P.” in front of these means “Past”.

“Hon.” in front of these means “Honorary”

I don’t know what short for “Proxy” is, but it cannot be “P.”


Past Second Provincial Grand Principal (P.Prov.G.H.)

Honorary Depute Grand Superintendent (Hon.D.G.S.)

Within Supreme Grand Chapter:

Note the title of this Chapter, and nearly everything in it is “Grand …”,

I am not sure that I have ever seen First Grand Principal shortened, but I suppose it would be “F.G.P.” and could be preceded by a “P.” if appropriate. Similarly for Second and Third Grand Principals.

All the Office-Bearers down to, and including, Fourth Grand Standard Bearer (4thG.Std.B.) are styled “Most Excellent”.

The Grand Organist (G.Org.), Grand Piper, Grand Stewards and Grand Janitor are styled “Excellent”.