St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

Lord Kitchener

Your Chapter Needs You..!

A couple of years ago a Companion from Aberdeen asked me about a poster to hang in the Lodge to try and drum up a bit of support and enthusiasm for the local Chapter.

The overall point we were trying to make was, in short, that whilst the Chapter could do with more bums on seats, you also need the Chapter as it is a necessary degree for any advancement in Freemasonry.

Lord Kitchener inspired idea that gave us the slogan... Your Chapter Needs You..!

After successfully hunting down a picture of Lord Kitchener on the net, I sent it to my good friend Comp. Steve McKim and asked him to change the hat.

Lord Kitchener

For those of you that didn't do the First World War history at school

Lord Kitchener is probably best known to the general public for recruitment into the British Army during W.W.I. where a poster
(left - note the different hat) carried the slogan...
    Your Country Needs You.

I found this on Pietre Stones Review of Freemasonry
Lord Kitchener - Active Soldier, Actrive Freemason

The advertising (raising awareness) concept then went on to birth the following images...

Gateway to the York Rite             Gateway to the York Rite

Windows WORD doc.

If you want a copy of the Kitchener posters to hang in your Lodge/Chapter...

Your Chapter Needs You   Your Chapter Needs You #2   You Need Your Chapter

Note: These are not official posters.