St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

Special Thanks...

By doing a web site for an organisation such as this, you always incur debts of gratitude, usually to the people you are writing about, but sometimes, people help you out or give you inspiration in ways they don't realise. So here you'll find a few special thank you's... no special order.

Comp. Steve McKim
I first made Steve's acquaintance back in 2005, I sent him an email commending him on his beautiful Masonic art. Since then we've become firm friends and his artwork is an integral part of every web site that I've done so far.
It is my honest opinion that it is his art work that originally inspired me to make websites for larger audiences than just the organisation they were created for, Freemasonry is a very big subject, the potential is limitless.
Past P.Z. Comp. John Shields
If you remember the old site, you'll notice that this newer rendition has more pages explaining the basics, the what and the who's sort of thing. I was inspired to do this by John, who, before commencing the working of degrees would often pause to explain how we were going to do it, who would be doing what and how it all fit together. This in turn got me thinking that not everyone knows what the Royal Arch is - I can remember when I didn't - or how it fits into the structure of Freemasonry, and of course, how to go about joining.
Bro. Andre Russell
Not yet a Royal Arch Mason.
For not groaning too loudly when I start asking him to sort out the mess I call php scripting..! Its your fault, you should have left me alone with Microsoft FrontPage, I was happy.
M.E. 1st. Principal Comp. Joe Brice
Over the years Joe has become a good friend and is solely responsible for me holding my current office, in fact holding any office. A couple of years ago I was seriously considering taking a back seat in the Arch, Joe talked me out of it.