St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

Offices of a Royal Arch Chapter

On this page you will find a list of the Office Bearers of a Royal Arch Chapter. Some of the lower offices are optional, such as Standard Bearer, and as such some Chapters will not have them.

  • First Principal / Zerabubbel
  • Second Principal / Haggai
  • Third Principal / Jeshua
  • Scribe Ezra
  • Scribe Nehemiah
  • Treasurer

  • First Sojourner
  • Second Sojourner
  • Third Sojourner
  • Sword Bearer
  • Director of Ceremonies
  • Superintendant of Works
  • Standard Bearer
  • Captain of the Blue Veil
  • Captain of the Purple Veil
  • Captain of the Scarlet Veil
  • Organist
  • Steward
  • Janitor

The list below is basically a bit of help for those either thinking of joining a Chapter or are new to it, comparing the Chapter Offices with the nearest Craft Lodge comparison. It should help put things into perspective.

First Pricipal

Second Pricipal

Third Pricipal

Scribe Ezra

First Sojourner

Second Sojourner

Third Sojourner










Right Worshipful Master

Worshipful Senior Warden

Worshipful Junior Warden


Senior Deacon

Junior Deacon

Inner Guard