St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

Membership Requirements

Candidates for admission into a Chapter must be Master Masons of the full age of 21 years and be able to prove (if required) that they are in good standing in a Craft Lodge under a Constitution recognised by Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Chances are that by the time you have done your first three degrees you will have heard of the Royal Arch, so you will probably have a pretty good idea with whom to speak. You might be approached by a Brother who thinks you are ready, but if you're keen enough you are allowed to ask.

The format for membership is the same as that of the Craft Lodge...

I will state it here, but I'm sure it goes without saying that one strict requirement is the belief in a Supreme Being, once again just like the Blue this is not necessarily the Christian God, just a simple belief in a Higher Being or Deity.

It is also worth keeping in mind that Companions of all R.A. degrees are required to maintain qualified (fully paid up) Lodge membership, even should your Mother Lodge become dormant you are expected to affiliate to another Lodge in order to maintain your qualificaion, the exception to this rule being life members.

Affiliation from Dormant Chapters requires clearances from P.G.R.A.C. who may in some instances have to go to SGC.